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Get your Gothika prescription online with our fast and easy online vision test through Visibly!

  • Test Takes About 10 Minutes
  • Results Reviewed By A Medical Doctor
  • Valid Prescription Emailed Within 24 Hours
  • Get Special VIP Access To Gothika!
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The Prescription VIP Club

Getting your online prescription through Visibly automatically gets you membership in the Exotic Lenses Prescription VIP Club! Your membership is valid for a whole year ( the length of your valid prescription ). Membership has its privileges!

  • Get special access to our site
  • Members-only pricing on all lenses
  • Speedy checkout and shipping. Bypass verification
  • Eligible for buy one get one free deals!
  • Gothika / Wicked Eyez prescription allows you to shop anywhere

How The Test Works

Check out the video below. By using your computer and cell phone from the comfort of your home you can take your eye test and get your Gothika / Wicked Eyez prescription.

Top Questions

Your Gothika prescription through Visibly is valid for one year.

Visibly only charges for your successful eye exam. If the eye doctor reviewing the results of your tests denies your prescription you will get a full refund.

Yes. You must be 18 years old to take the online vision test. Although the online vision test is available in most states. In some states we cannot offer this service.

Nope! If you already have a valid prescription for Gothika / Wicked Eyez simply email it to us and you get automatic free enrollment in the program with full benefits! ( Note: The prescription must be made out for Gothika lenses ).

Soon. We are launching another system soon that will allow you to renew the prescription of any brand of contact lenses. We are still working on that system. At this time we are doing tests for Gothika renewals only.

NO! The Visibly online eye test is not a replacement for your initial comprehensive eye exam and contact lens fitting. The online tests your vision acuity only. If you have never worn contact lenses before please consult with your eye care professional.

Visibly Digital Acuity Product is manufactured and distributed by Visibly, Inc. and operates under the Enforcement Policy for Remote Ophthalmic Assessment and Monitoring Devices during the CoronaVirus Disease (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency issued by the FDA in April 2020. This product has not been approved by the FDA. The data and recommendations made by the Visibly Digital Acuity Product are adjunctive (supporting) recommendations that will be used by an Eye Care Provider, along with your medical history and profile, prior corrective eyewear prescriptions, and subjective data provided about your vision. It is the responsibility of the patient to provide accurate information through the process as all of this information will be relied upon as accurate by the reviewing Eye Care Provider.