America's #1 Brand Of Halloween Lenses!

Whether you are looking for Halloween Contact Lenses or lenses to enhance or add to your eye color Exotic Lenses Has you covered! We carry only authentic Gothika Contact Lenses! Which means we care about the safety and comfort of your eyes!

Gothika Contact lenses are FDA Cleared and the number one brand of theatrical contact lenses sold in the USA! So if you are looking for a killer pair of Halloween Contact Lenses this year Gothika is the way to go!

Remember! All contact lenses sold in the USA are considered medical devices by the FDA and require us to reach out to your eye care professional to verify the sale. Don’t worry the process is super easy. Exotic Lenses uses VerifyMyLenses to manage the process. Right after you order you will get an email from VML. Simply click on the link and follow a few easy steps and you’re done!

Exotic Lenses - Halloween Contact Lenses