Hand Painted Contact Lenses

The standard Gothika contact lenses on the site are pretty straightforward. They come in a common size and some are available in correction. But hand painted contact lenses are a different item altogether!

Let’s talk about the types of hand painted contact lenses we offer and the options to make sure you get the design you want with the perfect fit!

Types Of Lenses / Corneal vs Scleral

On Exotic lenses we carry two types of hand painted lenses. Corneal lenses and scleral lenses. Corneal lenses cover the cornea of the eye. They are like the standard contact lenses. Although we do offer them in different sizes.

A scleral lens ( sclera ) covers the entire eye. they are called scleral lenses because they cover the sclera, which is the white part of your eyes. The optical term for these lenses is simply “Large Diameter Lenses “.

Are They Really Hand Painted?

Yes! The lens begins its life as a blank lens. The artist painstakingly stains and colors the design on your contact lens with a tiny brush. The detail on these lenses is amazing.

The lenses go through several steps to make sure the color is perfect and the lenses remain hydrated during the process. Once the design is set the lenses go through a process of HEMA coating. This seals the design inside the lens and keeps the colors vibrant. The lenses go through a deep sanitation process before being carefully bottled up and shipped to your door.

Options Options Options

Hand painted lenses are custom made for you! So they come in a variety of sizes and corrections. We can go from a -20 all the way to a +20! We can also make the lenses toric ( which means they are for astigmatism ).

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