Do I Need A Prescription?


Not only is it a federal law, but it’s the safe way to wear lenses! You have to have your eyes measured to make sure the contact lenses you want to wear fit properly.

This includes all lenses. Even non corrective, beauty and Halloween lenses.

But I Have Perfect Vision!

So many people say this. Let me explain. This has very little to do with your vision. It has to do with the fit and sizing on the lens. This is very important to understand.

Imagine this. Imagine walking into a shoe store that only sold a size 8 shoe. Now this isn’t a problem if you are a size 8. but what if you are a size 11 and tried to wear those shoes all day anyway. You’re feet would be sore and after awhile you could damage your feet.

The same principle is with contact lenses. They have to fit properly. Now, I admit that there are some very common sizes that people use. But you won’t know if you are a common size unless you get your eye professionally measured.

I’ve Worn Lenses Before And I Was Fine

Sigh.. I know that seems like a fair argument. but when you take the same argument and apply it to different situations you can see how it falls apart.

“I had a few drinks and drove home fine before. So I will be fine next time too.”

“I’ve had unprotected sex in the past and nothing bad happened. So, i’ll be fine.”

See how silly that sounds? These are your EYES. You only get one pair of them. You need to make sure you treat them with the respect they deserve. The process is so simple. There is a machine called an auto refractor that can measure your eyes in seconds. It’s quick and painless.

Good Eye Health Practices

Our vision just doesn’t change overnight. You don’t simply wake up and need glasses. Vision changes are slow and gradual. So slow that we may not even notice them. It’s important to go and see an eye care professional for a checkup at least every two years.

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