Game Of Thrones – The Night King

Night King Hand Painted Contact Lenses

Winter Is Here! And It’s AWESOME!

Few characters in the history of TV have held our fascination like the White Walkers and the Night King from Game Of Thrones. For some reason if you have no idea what I am talking about… well… you must be living under a very very large rock :-)

We know very little ( from the TV show ) about this guy! But yet we all cannot wait for him and his army of the dead to take the screen. With those piercing blue eyes and complete lack of emotion. And now with the power of a undead dragon? Seriously? AWESOME!

Anyway. The GOT fever has struck the hearts of fans worldwide and we know that people are looking for the perfect lenses to complete the look. Here are some hand picked lenses that you can order today to give you the icy stare of the Night King! Winter Is Here! And it’s AWESOME!

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