Gothika Mystery Lenses Are Here!
And They Are FREE!

For a limited time buy any pair of lenses and get get a FREE pair of Gothika Mystery Lenses! NO LIMIT! That’s right! No limits. So if you buy 10 pairs of lenses you get 10 FREE!!! Yeah, We rock like that!

Valid with ANY lenses! Custom Lab lenses and Hand Painted lenses are INCLUDED!

Very limited time offer! Do it! Do it now!

Ok. This Is Awesome! What’s The Fine Print?

Aside from being just an amazing deal there are a few things to know.

  1. You don’t get to choose the lenses. That’s the “Mystery” part of Mystery Lenses. No crying about this one kiddies. You can’t choose the design you get.
  2. All Mystery Lenses are plano. That means non correction. So if you order a set of lenses in your specific prescription you will get get plano lenses as a freebie.

Is There Something Wrong With The Lenses?

Nope! Nothing! Could be a design we have a ton of. Or maybe a pair of lenses with a year or two left on the expiration date ( Gothika normally good for 5 years ). There are no defective lenses. These are legitimate Gothika lenses!

Prescription Verification

Keep in mind you still have to submit the form sent to you from VerifyMyLenses. we have to make sure we go by the contact lens laws. but it’s so easy!

So….. Why are you still reading this? SHOP NOW!!!

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