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Ok kids. Gather ’round and let’s have a discussion on Halloween contact lenses. It’s that time of year again, and everyone is already planning their Halloween costume. For many of you, that includes the addition of decorative contact lenses. And novelty contacts are seasonal favorites that provide the finishing touch for many costumes. In this talk we are going to discuss how and why you should buy your contact lenses safely and legally.

A lot of people don’t know that the Food and Drug Administration classifies all contact lenses as prescription lenses. This means that they require a valid prescription. This includes decorative lenses whether they offer vision correction or not. So to be clear. Every single contact lens requires a valid prescription to be legally sold in the USA.

But Why? They Are Just Colored Contact Lenses

I understand your reaction. But there is a really good reason why those crazy lenses require a prescription. Everyones eyes are different. We all have different sized eyes. There is no such thing as a theatrical contact lens that fits everybody. It’s like shoes. Everyone has different size feet and we all have to buy shoes that fit. Imagine a store that only sold a size 9 mens shoe. That’s great if you are a size 9. but what happens if you are a size 11? Wearing those shoes, even for a few hours could hurt your feet. So wearing halloween lenses that don’t fit your lens measurements can do cause permanent vision loss! Making sure you have had a proper fitting is so important! So first step. If you have never worn contact lenses before, have a talk with your eye doctor. To sum it up there is no such thing as a non prescription contact lens.

But They Are Everywhere! What’s The Deal?

It’s true. There are literally thousands of online retailers, retail shops and costume shops selling crazy lenses. They push them as cheap costume accessories. Some selling them for as little as $20 a pair. 99% of the time those cheap vampire contact lenses are illegal. They are not cleared by the FDA and the seller will not ask you for your prescription information making it an illegal sale. And this is a HUGE RED FLAG! They go through extraordinary lengths to convince you they are “FDA APPROVED” and that there is no prescription needed. Most of the time they are counterfeit lenses and you shouldn’t fall for their double vision trickery.

There is a really easy way to spot them. Look at where they are from on their website. If they are from Canada or the UK they are almost always illegal costume lenses. Never order from overseas sites that promise cheap prices. Remember. Cheap contact lenses can damage your eyes!

So What’s The Solution?

All of the Halloween contact lenses that carry here at Exotic are cleared by the FDA to be sold in the USA. We make each lens go through the strict government testing process. We only carry Gothika. The number one brand of theatrical contact lenses in the USA. Exotic Lenses works with an actual contact lens lab that is right here in the USA. We can even make hard to find corrective lenses and the famous sclera contact lenses! All Gothika lenses have a one year expiration date from the time you open the vials!

When you order contacts lenses from Exotic Lenses you will get an email right after your order from VerifyMyLenses. They will pre fill out all of the paperwork to make sure your crazy contact lenses are safe and legal. Don’t worry. The process is very quick and painless.

Got It. So What’s Hot This Year?

It’s still the year of the Zombie contact lenses. The White Out Zombie lens is still the king. A lot of customers are also opting for the White Angelic or Manson lenses because they have a dark ring around the lens called a limbal ring that make the contact lenses pop a little bit more.

I mentioned before about sclera contact lenses. These cover your whole eye and offer the most creepy looks you can imagine. Exotic Lenses offers a massive selection of sclera lenses that are custom made in our lab to fit your eyes perfectly. Buy your costume contact lenses from a source you can trust! We offer worldwide shipping and free shipping in the USA!

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