Hand Painted Contact Lenses

The standard Gothika contact lenses on the site are pretty straightforward. They come in a common size and some are available in correction. But hand painted contact lenses are a different item altogether! Let's talk about the types of hand painted contact lenses we offer and the options to make sure you get the design you want with the perfect fit! Hand Painted Sclera Bahamut Sclera Contact Lenses – Pair – Hand Painted FX Lenses5.00 out of 5$249.95 Select options Hand Painted Sclera Lycan Sclera [...]

Do I Need A Prescription?

YES YES YES!!!! Not only is it a federal law, but it's the safe way to wear lenses! You have to have your eyes measured to make sure the contact lenses you want to wear fit properly. This includes all lenses. Even non corrective, beauty and Halloween lenses. But I Have Perfect Vision! So many people say this. Let me explain. This has very little to do with your vision. It has to do with the fit and sizing on the lens. This [...]

What Are Toric Lenses For Astigmatism?

Toric Lenses / What You Need To Know Sounds like a complicated word right? It's actually very simple. A normal, healthy eye is perfectly round. All astigmatism means is that the eye is not completely round and the light refracts a different way causing blurriness. Astigmatism is extremely common. A toric contact lens corrects this abnormality. Exotic Lenses carries a huge selection of toric lenses for astigmatism. Available in both beauty and theatrical. We are one of the only companies in [...]

Halloween Contact Lenses

All Halloween Contact Lenses Are Not Created Equal Colored lenses are an ideal means to liven up party wear for women and men alike. Strangely colored contact lenses like white or yellow were earlier utilised to theatrical benefit. If you normally wear corrective contact lenses as a way to see better, you, too, can delight in the freedom and fashion of color contact lens that may be tailored to your present prescription. If your contact lens instead looks to be [...]

Game Of Thrones – The Night King

Winter Is Here! And It's AWESOME! Few characters in the history of TV have held our fascination like the White Walkers and the Night King from Game Of Thrones. For some reason if you have no idea what I am talking about... well... you must be living under a very very large rock :-) We know very little ( from the TV show ) about this guy! But yet we all cannot wait for him and his army of the dead [...]